Partner Marketing and Advertising Program

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Virginia Welcome Center

Partnership Marketing and Advertising Program

Interested in getting the word out about your Tourism Product? We can help! Using brochures, ad panels, banner displays, and electronic marketing, we can help you reach 35 million travelers who visit Virginia Welcome Centers and Safety Rest Areas annually.

We are implementing site-wide changes to the PMAP system. Please contact [email protected] with any advertising requests at this time.

Brochure Marketing Opportunities

Welcome Center Brochure Distribution

(More than 3.8 Million Visitors in 2019)

Distribute your brochure in Virginia's Welcome Centers! You can choose from one to all 11 centers across the state. This cost effective marketing puts your attraction or business in front of Welcome Center travelers and travel counselors are always on-site to promote your business.

Safety Rest Area Brochure Distribution

(Over 31 million visitors in 2019)

Want to make an impact? Enroll for Safety Rest Area 24 hour Brochure Distribution. Sold by corridor (I-95 & I-85 & I-66; I-64; I-81 & I-77), your brochures will be seen by millions of travelers who stop at Virginia's Rest Areas. Did you know that a Bentley University study showed that 70% of travelers picked up a brochure during their trip? Brochure distribution is a great way to keep your message at the travelers' fingertips.

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Digital Spotlights

Most Virginia Welcome Centers have an LCD screen either on the information counter, in marketing displays or general high traffic areas. These screens play a series of rotating 1 to 2 minute digital videos produced by our staff with pictures or videos that you supply.

Ad Panels

Increase your visibility with Ad Panels at Virginia's Welcome Centers. Create an image that sends a colorful and attractive message to travelers and has them asking questions about your product!

Enhanced Digital Spotlight

Large format enhanced digital spotlight screens are available in many Virginia Welcome Centers in 2020. Show off your brand new video assets or extend the life of former marketing initiatives We can also help create an eye catching slideshow. Each Welcome Center has a cap of video space to help maximize your exposure.

Indoor Banners

You deliver a strong first impression when travelers view your promotional banner in Virginia's Welcome Centers. Banners are an ideal channel for festivals and special events. Purchase banners for display inside the Welcome Centers today.

Tourism Marketing Blitz

Showcase your tourism business or event with displays, video spotlight, banner, giveaways and demos for an entire month.

Unique Display Space

Customizable display cases and unique display spaces are available at designated Welcome Centers.

Branded 4' x 6' Entrance Rugs

We are pleased to offer the first impression to each of our 13 Virginia Welcome Centers (1 per Welcome Center).

Interior Window Clings

We have expanded our window cling offering to some additional windows located on the interior of some Welcome Centers.

Table Top Pull-Up Banners

Want a cost effective way to get your brand out in front of our visitors and staff? Then consider enrolling in the table top pull up banner program.

Co-Branded Eco-Friendly Bags

Virginia visitors like to brochure shop in our Virginia Welcome Centers. Because of this we offer a Virginia is for Lovers eco-friendly paper shopping bag for their convenience.

Special Event Kit

Need an additional blast for a special event? Use our Special Event Kit Opportunity to highlight the event. We are adding another short term opportunity to our list of products. If you have an event that is coming up we will advertise it up to (2) weeks in advance through the date of the event at the Welcome Center of your choice. The kit includes hand bills, counter top acrylic frame for poster, bulletin board posters (when available) rack card and we will even display event swag if available. Cost: $25.00